Cesare Sironi

Cesare Sironi

Venture Partner

Born in Milan, 1966. Degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and Master at CEFRIEL.

He started up Cisco Systems in Italy in 1991, contributing to the success at European level. In ’95, he joined a Californian start up named Ascend Communications as SVP Sales & Product marketing, contribuiting  to radically change the access networks of Internet Providers during  the boom of dial-up Internet

Ascend was acquired by Lucent in 1999 for $ 24B. The experience in Ascend (and Lucent Technologies) was also key to consolidate relations with Ventures Capital firms. He worked as GP for an Italian VC devoloping Israeli market.

In 2009 he was appointed CEO of Matrix (Telecom Italia, then acquired by ItaliaOnline) where he gave boost to the launch of the local division and the introduction of several innovative services in the world of media and advertising. Since 2010 he has been head of the Strategy and Innovation for Telecom Italia. He has served as board member of the Chief Strategy Officer Group of the GSMA and of the Advisory Board of Innovation of IREN.