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23 Speakers, 1 Keynote Speech, +200 Attendances, 12 Portfolio Companies, 3 Moderators, 3 Topics, 5 Panels

Monday the 15th June 2015
, we organized a tech conference, an half-day to engage with key players in some of the most exciting growth sectors in digital. We decided to organize it in English, at the Triennale Milano, a place located at the center of an ideal triangle that exemplify how Milan has been home to great innovators of the past:
At the 1st corner of the triangle there’s the house of one of the greatest innovators of all time Leonardo Da Vinci. There he worked around some of its most important invention and projects. At the other side of the park, in Foro Buonaparte, we have the HQ of Edison the company who built in 1883 the 1st electric power plant for electricity distribution. Than there’s the home of Giulio Natta, the 1963 nobel prize winner and Inventor of the Propilene which started on the most flourishing chemical industry of the Time.

With the help of Venture Capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs we tried to discuss the breakthrough innovation that will completely reshape our society and are happening right now.

1) How technologies are impacting the life of millions of individuals and companies transforming our cities and the way we live and work?

2) What are the challenges and opportunities in starting innovative companies around those technologies growing them across geographies, and stages of growth?

3) Will traditional companies be able to take part of this transformation through smart M&A or will simply disappear as John Chambers said “disrupt or be disrupted”?

4) What kind of ecosystem or “industry” will emerge: Is it going to be decentralized and interconnected or Extremely centralized and unique to few places that will be the catalyst for all innovators in the world?


Senseable Cities | Carlo Ratti

The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed — alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure.



Consumer Engagement in the Digital Era

The profound changes in digital consumer behavior occurred across a variety of sectors, including mobile, social media, video, advertising, search and e-commerce, and are the result of transformative shifts in platforms, content, demographics, and marketing. Consumers are engaging with digital media across an increasing number of platforms, with mobile being the single most significant change in this landscape since the invention of the internet. As digital platforms continue to emerge, media fragmentation will only accelerate, creating the defining marketing challenge of this era.

Moderator: Marco Montemagno
Speakers: Bengu Atamer (BuzzMyVideos), Niccolo Maisto (FaceIt), Simone Panfilo (LOVEThESIGN), Giovanni Daprà (Moneyfarm), Pietro Martani (Windows On Europe), Krista McLandress (AppsBuilder)





Digital Powered Enterprise

Every business is a digital business. Organizations looking to reimagine themselves in a technology-driven world set forth on their journey to becoming digital businesses. Many organizations were experimenting, while others were making larger investments acquiring startups or developing new services and products. But all were counting on technology to fuel their next waves of growth. Enterprises are embracing technology in the way they do business and also as a catalyst to create something new — new markets, new products, and new areas of growth and revenues. The change is revolutionary. Industrial companies are becoming customer service companies. Consumer products companies are becoming Internet companies. Energy companies are becoming information companies. And media and entertainment companies are becoming logistics companies.

Moderator: Carlo Alberto Maffé (Bocconi University)
Speakers: Michael Harte (Barclays), Carlo Purassanta (Microsoft), Andrea Calcagno (Cloud4Wi), Federico Rampolla (Mondadori), Riccardo Di Blasio (VP VMWare), Lucio Furlani (hp), Marco Visibelli (Kuldat)







Tech Investing Outside the Silicon Valley

European venture-capital investment last year reached its highest level since the dot-com boom, on the back of a healthy market for initial public offerings. Successful technology startups are bursting out of the tech hubs of London, Stockholm and Tel Aviv, among other cities. Innovative young companies comes from the broader reaches of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. What’s still up for debate is whether Europe’s economy and its patchwork of regulations can keep cultivating the freewheeling ecosystem that startups need to thrive. Which are the challenges of tech investing outside the Silicon Valley?
Moderator: Mike Turner (Taylor Wessing)
Speakers: Christian Resch (Goldman Sachs), James Wise (Balderton Capital), Peter Globokar (Mooreland Partners), Gill Cogan (Opus Capital)