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The buy-to-let formula made its debut, allowing you to choose between a portfolio of apartments and properties that are managed solely by Halldis across the Italian territory. WOI Destination Club is the latest addition to the Halldis family; it is specifically designed for those who want to invest in the Italian market and secure returns from their acquired property. Halldis is part of the Windows on Europe Group: proudly running serviced apartments, villas and vacation rentals since 1986; and the current market leader in Europe, thanks to their outstanding portfolio of third-party property management.

At the moment, the WOI Destination Club has a bouquet of more than 100 remarkable homes, all available for instant ownership and ultimately for a profitable investment. The real estate on offer are properties that have modern furnishings, are fully/semi-equipped and offer many attractive features. These apartments are located in the most picturesque, pictorial Italian cities such as Florence, Milan, and Venice; there are options for homes located near remarkable, clear water lakes such as Lake Iseo and Lake Garda. Your options also include conveniently positioned mountain resorts located in Ponte di Legno, Gressoney, and Cadore, which are most attractive to sports enthusiasts. Foreign and Italian investors are welcome to have the opportunity to embrace a new business venture, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The buy to let revenue system will be handled by experienced experts in this sector. The investment allows you to become the possessor of a property that can also be enjoyed and used by the owner, with their own customary administration of income. The properties hold selling prices ranging from 150 thousand to a million EUR, but there are also possibilities of investing in apartments or entire resorts. WOI Destination Club also guarantees up to 5% of the value of annuity sales during the first three years, compared to an average of 2/3%. In addition, as a member of the WOI Destination Club, an owner may take advantage of complimentary discounts, for stays in more properties, operated by Halldis.

“This initiative — says Paola Luce, the project manager of the new WOI Destination Club — is important because it allows you to directly invest in real estate that will be in the hands of professionals. In particular, the owner is relieved of all hassles, and red tape associated with the promotion, rental, and maintenance of their property; moreover, you will be able to buy fully furnished, pre-selected properties, which have been optimized for short-term rentals. Corporate and private portfolios have been selected based on investment opportunities, yield possibility, and location, with apartments and resorts available for acquisition in areas ranging from distinct Italian influential cities such as Milan. Just an answer to a question; by conducting a functional market analysis on foreign and local investors, using our buy to let formula: acquired properties will be fully maintained, available for the owner to occupy, given the option to sublet your property; and you will benefit from the income that would have been generated accordingly.”

“The process and functionality, of the professional property management services of Halldis — continued Paola Luce — allows us to manage each real estate unit on the owners behalf, with a 360 ° dedication to service; promotion through physical and up-to-date online channels, hiring and contracting, maintenance, cleanliness, inspection of the units, welcoming clients — Italian and International — provision of basic services and creation of ad-hoc services. The owners have several appealing, benefits: Halldis ensures the complete management of the home, but in a unique, flexible manner; the investor can use their own unit/s for specific period of time when required; yet, once rented out all obtained proceeds, will cover costs and expenses, and thereafter accrue income.”

“We have brought innovation to the tourism market in Italy — said, Paola Luce — Our goal is to enrich and offer the global market a comprehensive variety of accommodation. Guests staying in the homes we sublet come from all over the world, with 70% of our clients comprising of foreigners; thanks to our online and offline distribution websites, that are currently available in ten different languages; including platforms that facilitate bookings made by the traveller himself, or offered by select travel agencies. In addition, we are pleased to mention: the continuation of our Italian and foreign framework agreements with numerous companies; who have trusted our services with the accommodation of their esteemed employees, senior executives, and managers”.